Rangers Haven’t Scored in the Playoffs Under Torts

Michael Salfino at the Wall Street Journal gives us the Rangers' putrid offensive numbers in the playoffs under John Tortorella…

"Since John Tortorella took over the team in 2009, they have either scored one goal or been shut out in 13 of their 34 postseason games.

"That rate of nearly 40% is the worst among all NHL teams with at least 10 postseason contests during that period."

…i knew the numbers were bad, but wow, didn't realize they were that horrific.

…it truly is baffling how Tortorella has completely abandoned his "safe is death" strategy that led to a Stanley Cup with the Lightning. I know he probably couldn't have utilized that system with the line-up he inherited in 2009, but now that the skill level has increased why has he been so resistant to implement at least a taste of it? Yes, I know that kind of run and gun offense can backfire in the playoffs, but look at the alternative.

…what's also confusing is that the Rangers offense under Torts is predicated on the forecheck. And while they usually do a great job of that during the regular season, for some reason it is completely abondoned in the postseason. No pressure on the defensemen. No cycling down low. Nothing. It's an absolute head scratcher.

In a great piece at the New York Post, Larry Brooks discusses Tortorella’s mindset of trusting only a minimum number of players with critical assignments, even if those players aren’t necessarily at the top of their respective games.

…sadly, Brooks hits the nail on the head with this article.

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