Rangers’ “Girls’ Guide” Falls Flat

The Rangers have been infuriating fans with their play on the ice this season, so apparently today the team decided to do the same off it.

For reason's unknown, the Rangers felt they needed to educate their female audience on the nuances of the game, so they decided to post a "Girls' Guide to Watching the Rangers" on their blog Blueshirts United. Included in this Pulitzer Prize winning piece is that there are replays if you're confused, learning players' names will help you connect with the game and asking questions is ok.

No you di'int, Rangers. As you can imagine the reaction among women Rangers fans was not positive. In fact, it got so bad the Rangers actually took the piece down.

Here's one reaction I particularly enjoyed…


If you've ever had dreams of working for the Rangers, dust off that resume because I'm assuming there will be a job opening by the end of the day. No women applicants though. Unless you've read the guide of course.

While the Rangers have taken the guide down, they have yet to apologize for what was a very insulting piece to the most intelligent female fans in the NHL.

Not to mention the sexiest.

If you missed it, Sarah Kwak at SI.com screen grabbed it. So enjoy…

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