Rangers Couldn’t Break A Carton of Eggs In Tampa

No quote could more perfectly express my feelings towards the Rangers effort in Tampa than Coach Murray Chadwick's from the movie Youngblood…

"You better start hitting out there! Let 'em know you're in the same goddamn rink!"…Half of you could skate around with a carton of eggs and not break any out there. You're tougher than that. You know it, I know it."

Full quote here (1:08 mark)…


Sounds like Alain Vigneault wasn't all that happy either (via Bergen Record)…

"Obviously it was sort of Martin St. Louis love-fest out there, nobody touched a soul, especially not him…It was obviously a big no hitter.”

The Ranger had a just 13 hits Monday night, only three of them by the defense.

…interesting conversation on this subject in the game Rangers/Lightning recap comments section. While yes, the Rangers need a true enforcer in the lineup so that Dorsett isn't forced to take on guys twice his size, the real problem is they're just not a hard team to play against right now. No hitting, no forechecking, no grinding. Very rarely this season have they forced the opposition to fight for every inch of the ice. Assuming the Lightning set a record for the least amount of ice bags used after a game Tuesday night they were hit so infrequently.

…yes, I know the Rangers biggest challenge right now is scoring, but playing with "jam" as Torts liked to call it opens up a lot of the offense. A tough forecheck results in turnovers. Out muscling a defenseman in front of the net leads to tip-ins and rebound goals. Having personnel who play with an edge also allows skill players to feel more comfortable on the ice to do their thing.

…what concerns me most is that other than Callahan and Dorsett (and maybe Kreider), there's really no one else in the lineup who plays with a mean streak. Sure the Rangers have some big guys on the team, but unfortunately they don't play big. And that's a problem. When the opposing team is more willing to go into the dirty areas to score goals, you're going to have trouble winning games on a consistent basis.

…i know neither player is likely ready for a full time role, but I'd love to see the Rangers get McIlrath and Mashinter in the lineup to help form a blue collar, lunch pale identity for this team.

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