Rangers 0, Canadiens 3

I fired my shot across the bow. After Thursday's performance in Ottawa, I was hoping the Rangers would respond and show some life. Even against a team in a building where they haven't won in 3 years. What showed up tonight was nothing short of a disgrace.

Forget about the fact that this game was over 47 seconds in when Michael Ryder scored past the pylon named Steve Eminger and the statuesque Martin Biron who barely flinched as the puck went by him.

Forget about the fact that the Rangers have not scored on Carey Price in 252 minutes and 35 seconds.

Forget about the fact that the Rangers haven't scored on ANYONE in 127 minutes and 47 seconds.

Or the fact that the Rangers have allowed a power play goal in six consecutive games.

This roster, as construed, cannot win games on a consistent basis.

It's time for a change. A shakeup. Anything.

The coaching isn't immune from blame either.

The all too frequent line changes have got to end. Besides Hagelin-Stepan-Nash,(and their breakup is likely coming) it can't be too comforting that the other 9 forwards and 6 defensemen more often than not, come to the rink not knowing who they're going to line up with to begin a game.

Torts is getting a pass from me just for this season due to the lockout. But shame on him for not properly preparing himself or his hockey club for the lockout shortened season. But come next October, all bets are off regarding his employment.

It is absolutely stunning to me that with the amount of talent on the roster and the third highest payroll in the NHL is this inept offensively.

Ryan Callahan who willed the Rangers to wins earlier in the season, has played better without his stick, than with it as of late.

Marian Gaborik had a good first period on the fourth line, moved to a line with Richards to start the second and we didn't hear from him after. The guy is just far too streaky and goes into the tank when he struggles.

Brad Richards should be commended  for his charity work in the clean up post Hurricane Sandy. But like Torts, his failure to prepare for a shortened season has led to him becoming a boat anchor not only on the roster but payroll as well and will continue to do so for the remainder of this decade if he can't find his game.

The Rick Nash honeymoon in New York is over.

McDonagh and Girardi aren't the same brick walls they were a season ago. Besides battling injuries at times, the only explaination I have for their demise this season has everything to do with the amount of ice time they've taken on in the last year.

Lundqvist's preparation was little more than a guy shooting pucks at him in Sweden. Far removed from the game experience he should've had with a team somewhere in Europe or Russia.

The horses that led the Rangers to the Eastern Conference Final last season have broken down. Unless something changes somewhere, the lackluster, underachieving, overpriced play at MSG will be nothing more than just another day at the rodeo for the foreseeable future.

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Rangers 0, Canadiens 3

Game Summary:



Tough to watch a team that barely plays like they care…

Rangers played a good "road period" to start… very physical, 15 hits in the first, kept the Habs chances to a minimum. Rangers led 6-3 in shots.

However, the next 40 minutes was easily among the worst I've ever seen out of the Rangers. The second period alone easily ranked among the worst hockey the Rangers have produced, they had no answer for the Habs third line (Eller, Galchenyuk, Cole) for the second straight game.

For those hating on Del Zotto should watch Matt Gilroy's second period, I get McDonagh was hurt, but what is this guy doing on the PK? He was on the ice for all 3 goals against.

McDonagh gets plastered along the glass by Max Pacioretty and no one comes to his defense… then again, it has been like that all season as guys have gone down so why bother at this point…

RIchards had the best seat in the house for Galchenyk's goal… poking your stick out isn't much of a deterrent against the speedy forward.

Miller needs to be much more decisive with the puck, he led a 3 on 1 in the second period only to stick handle his way into a turnover for Montreal, one of the rare golden chances the Rangers had all game.

Call-up Christian Thomas played ok,12:46 TOI, 2 shots, saw power play time…

Gaborik needs to be much better than he's played since Nash went down, well deserved benching in the third…

I have to question what Girardi was thinking, exposing his ankle like that to a Subban shot late in a game that was well out of reach. Already down McDonagh and Del Zotto, no need to put yourself in harm's way as well.

Shame it took Biron getting run late for the Rangers to show any heart that was sorely needed from someone during that pitiful showing of a NHL franchise.

What's left of the Rangers + Whale call-ups host the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday.

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