Rangers Call Up Christian Thomas

Though nothing has been officially announced by the team or any beat writers, it appears that the Rangers have called up winger Christian Thomas from the Connecticut Whale. Thomas, a 2nd round pick by the Rangers in 2010, has 24 points in his first season with the Connecticut Whale. 

This call-up is perhaps a lot sooner than anticipated. Thomas is 20 and therefore older than the 19 year old Miller, but Miller has always been perceived as close to NHL ready whereas Thomas has been classified as much more raw and in need of development at lower levels. An inference one could make is that Nash could be out longer than expected and therefore Tortorella wants a player capable of playing offensive minutes, though that is simply speculation.

At the risk of making people twist my words, Thomas stylistically is very comparable to Steven Stamkos. He is like Stamkos in that he is not particularly flashy, but is absolutely deadly when given an open shot between or near the circles and is a killer on the powerplay especially. He was voted as the player with the most "deadly shot" in the OHL at the end of the 2011 season. With Nash out and the powerplay as dysfunctional as it has ever been, a young player eager to make his mark and who has no fear in unleashing what is a killer shot could be an asset. The concern with Thomas will be consistency and his two-way game, which still needs work. 


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