Rangers Being Outworked

Listen, I can live with losing. Sometimes the puck doesn't bounce your way or the opponent is just better. But what I can't tolerate is lack of effort and emotion, which, unfortunately, has become a staple of the 2013-14 Rangers.

And the worst part is the players acknowledge it yet refuse to do anything to rectify the situation:

Here's Rick Nash on the Rangers continuing to be outworked (via Bergen Record)…

“We’ve got to be playing a lot more desperate and a lot more desperate to win games,” Nash said.

“I think when you outwork teams you will find the bounces start going your way,” he continued. “When you get outworked, that’s when they seem to go against you. So, we’ve got to work — you’ve got to make your own luck. You’ve got to work for your bounces.”

…actions speak louder than words Rick. I've been hearing this garbage about how they need to work harder and play more desperate all season. As far as I'm concerned it's nothing more than lip service. If Nash and the rest of his merry men were so concerned about lack of effort maybe they should start sacking up and win some puck battles, forecheck harder and for goodness sake send some guys to the net with purpose.

…i'm a person who believes effort and emotion can beat skill in the NHL. So I don't want to hear how the Rangers aren't skilled enough to be a top team in the East. This year's roster has no less talent on it than the 2011-12 team. The biggest difference is this team isn't hungry. They don't want it bad enough. There's zero passion from the players right up to the coaching staff. They are an embarrassing representative of the city of New York.

…not having the heart and soul of the team for most of the season definitely hurts, but there's enough veteran leadership in that locker room to overcome Callahan's absence. And let's be honest, it's not like the Rangers have played that much harder when he's been in the lineup. And for that reason, AV has to take a major hit. For whatever the reason, he does not have this team ready to play emotionally or physically when it's time to drop the puck. You have to wonder if it might be time to drop him.

While Nash's comments are insulting to my intelligence at least he's not as delusional as Lundqvist…

“This is definitely a frustrating game, there’s no question we beat ourselves,” Lundqvist said. “We made some simple mistakes and I was not there to clean it up in the first. We didn’t give up much but they had a few chances and as a goalie you try to battle and be there to make those saves for us to stay confident. But I wasn’t able to come up with the saves in the first and it kind of set the tone for the whole game. I thought we were the better team."

…is Lundqvist kidding me?!?!?! The better team?!?!?! You lost by two goals to one of the worst teams in the NHL and are currently 1-4-2 on your homestand. The Rangers haven't been the better team this entire season.

And how about the Tortorella led Canucks last night who had their own two goal comeback against the Blackhawks. The only difference…they held on to win and are now 8-1-1 in the month of December. Here's the Canucks locker room after the big win (H/T reader cardboardcllctr)…

…hmmmm, that victory song in the background sounds exactly like the one Rangers fans never get to hear at the Garden.

…good thing the Rangers players who ratted out Torts were so sick of having similar post game celebrations in their locker room. Hope they're enjoying the current peace and quiet.  

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