Rangers Are 2nd Most Valuable Franchise in NHL

Yesterday, Forbes released their annual NHL's most valuable teams list and the Rangers found themselves ranked 2nd only to the Toronto Maple Leafs…

2. New York Rangers

Current value: $850 mil.
Revenue 2012-13: $131 mil.
Operating income 2012-13: $27.3 mil.
The Rangers moved into the fully-transformed Madison Square Garden at the beginning of the 2013-14 season and generate more revenue from premium seating than any other NHL team.

…if anyone still wonders why Glen Sather continues to be employed by the Rangers, there you go. Sure the Blueshirts have made only one real serious run at the Cup during his 13 years as GM, but as long as the moves he makes keeps the seats filled, especially those premium ones, the Dolans will be more than happy with Sather's job performance.

…and all of us who complain about ticket prices, need to stop blaming Dolan and look in the mirror, because maybe, just maybe, if we weren't purchasing these overpriced tickets and $20 beers the Rangers might respond by lowering prices. While the Rangers are a passion for us, they're nothing more than a business to him. Once the cash stops coming in, and only then, will prices start to fall.

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