Rangers 6, Penguins 1

The New York Rangers (18-15-3) defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins (28-10-0) by the score of 6-1, tonight. For a box score, click here.

…talk about making your new boss look good. Wow. Listen, who knows how this season ends and what kind of impact the new guys will have, but for one night this Rangers squad resembled the team we fell in love with last year.

…you always hear about players needing a change of scenery, but Ryane Clowe took that to a new level tonight. This move could have Avery circa 2007 written all over it.

…earlier today, while discussing the three players the Rangers received in return for Gaborik, Joe Micheletti specifically mentioned to Mike Francesa on WFAN about how, despite being a third line center, Brassard was very good on the power play. And, man, did Brassard make Micheletti look good. Great vision as well as feel where his teammates are. Very much needed element for the Rangers extra man.

…you have to wonder if the Gaborik trade lit a fire under Richards, who looked like a different player out there. Nothing motivates a player more than ownership sending a message that no one is untouchable.

…by the same token, Boyle looked real comfortable now that he doesn't have to worry about being traded anymore.

…Roman Hamrlik better find a comfortable seat in that press box because if John Moore can continue to play like that he's going to have a permanent spot up there.

…can someone please tell Lundqvist to stop making saves with his head.

…sure the new guys seemed to spark the offense tonight, but it really started rolling the last game against the Jets when they finally started forechecking again, which obviously carried over to tonight.

…the lack of complaining from the Penguins was tangible without Crosby in the line-up.

…if Powe can't score on that open net opportunity, I'm pretty confident he won't be scoring at all this season.

…amazing, a Rangers fight and a Rangers win. Funny how that works.

…tonight's win actually moved the Rangers into 7th place because of tie-breakers.

…all year on this blog, we've talked about how playing tough and dirty would lead to offense and these last two games have proven that theory correct. Gaborik will be missed and I think he'll regain his scoring touch in Columbus, but at the end of the day I think the moves that Sather has made the last two days have turned the Rangers back into the team they need to be in order to be successful in the NHL.

…second half of home and home with Penguins on Friday in Pittsburgh.

Game highlights…

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