Rangers 4, Bruins 3, OT

The New York Rangers defeated the Boston Bruins by the score of 4-3 in overtime, tonight. The Bruins lead the series 3-1. For a box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

…obviously coming back from 0-3 deficit is a near impossible task, but when you see what happened to Rask on the Hagelin goal, you have to wonder if there's a little magic going on here for the Rangers.

…it only took three games, one and a half periods and a Rask tumble, but the Rangers finally remembered how you have to play to win in the playoffs. While it was truly baffling to see the Rangers, again, begin the game with zero emotion, I loved the desperation in the third period and overtime.

…so wait, if you don't bury Kreider on the fourth line, he actually plays well? Amazing how that happens.

…i've been killing Nash for not scoring in the playoffs, but he was in full beast mode tonight. Easily his best game of the playoffs.

…they didn't play much, but I absolutely loved what the fourth line brought to the table tonight. Forechecking, hitting and basically making the Bruins fourth line look like little bitches as they backed down from every invitation to dance.

…who knew the answer to the Rangers power play woes was Brian Boyle?

…seriously, is there anything sweeter than watching Stepan pick Chara's pocket like that?

…wait, Hamrlik ended up with an assist and was a +1? I don't even remember him being on the ice once after that delay of game penalty.

…Callahan has had a very uncharacteristically low key series, but his seven hits tonight reminded us how important he is to this team.

…i guess Richads should get used to view from the press box. Although, with Zuccarello being as equally non-existent in this series, I wouldn't mind seeing the Rangers alternate captain taking the Hobbit's spot on the third line. Having said that, don't ever mess with success.

Lundqvist hasn't been bad in the series, but man he's given up some bad goals. Guess I can't complain too much when the Rangers would be scheduling exit interviews tomorrow instead of boarding a flight to Boston without him.

…Sather should be named GM of the Century for somehow getting McDonagh for Gomez. If he could add some offense to his game instead of just crashing into opponent's goaltenders he'd be in the conversation with Leetch and Park for greatest Rangers defenseman.

…Hits – Rangers: 40, Bruins: 24. Not always about the team with the most skill folks, it's about the team who wants it most.

…thought Rask was shaky at best tonight, so as a Rangers fan you have to hope his confidence has been rattled and it carries over to Game 5.

…the Rangers march towards history continues Saturday in Boston at 5:30pm.

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Rangers 4, Bruins 3, OT

The New York Rangers (1-2-0) defeated the Boston Bruins (2-0-1) by the score of 4-3 in overtime, tonight. For a box score, visit Yahoo! Sports.

…assuming Rangers fans are back to thinking we're going to win the Stanley Cup after that one. Was great seeing this team play with some passion and fire again. I finally feel like the Rangers 2013 season has begun.

…having said that, still some issues with this team as they remain sloppy in their own end, can't win a faceoff and it looks like Perry Pern is still running the power play.

…so I guess Gabby's shoulder is 100%. If he can score 40 without Nash taking the pressure off him in 82 games, he might hit 40 in 48 games this year.

…what's the matter Nash? You can't finish? Absolutely Nashty tonight. Those moves were effortless.

…and after a combined 3g, 2a from Gaborik, Nash and Richards (GNR) it's time to officially name them the "Welcome to the Jungle" line. (H/T to reader GLENsatherVSglennDANZIG for the name).

…i normally give Torts a ton of crap for his constant line juggling, but credit him for replacing Kreider with Pyatt on the second line. Kreider looked lost out there tonight. Especially in the defensive end. Pyatt has been one of the Rangers better players early this season. Could fill Dubinsky's role, but actually, you know, score.

…back to Kreider. If he doesn't figure this out soon, he'll be back in Hartford.

…i told you Callahan was going to be hitting everything that moved tonight. 9 hits.

…i refuse to be concerned about Lundqvist, but man he's got to have that third one.

…you can look at the Rangers five penalties and say they remain undisciplined, but I'm sorry tonight's refs were worse than the NFL replacement guys in that Seahawks/Packers game. Almost put my foot through the TV after the Rupp penalty.

…one of the more complete games I've ever seen Staal play. He was physical, blocked shots and joined the offense. If he can keep this up he may regain his status as best defenseman on the Rangers.

…was wonderful seeing the Rangers blocking shots with a reckless abandon again tonight. Not so sure Girardi's body agrees.

…another dreadful night in the faceoff circle for Halpern (0-for-4).

…not sure who finally got a hold of Del Zotto, but he's finally hitting the net on a regular basis and the Rangers offense is benefitting from it.

…i'm sorry, the Rangers need to have a better option to fill-in at forward than Bickel.

…right back at it tomorrow night in Philly.

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