Rangers 4, Blue Jackets 2

The New York Rangers (8-8-0) defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets (5-10-0) by the score of 4-2, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…and this team is officially rolling Rangers fans!!!! To be able to beat up on the Pens and then turn right around on the road to beat a desperate Blue Jackets team is quite impressive. The team looked gassed in the third period but what an effort to dig down deep, fight through it and hold on to the lead.

…is it me or did that seem like two teams who have been division rival for years? Assuming the crossover of players had a lot to do with it, but there was a lot of emotion, hitting and post whistle scrums for two teams that had been in different conferences until this season's re-alignment. Real fun game to watch. Well at least until the third when they likely broke the record for most faceoffs in a period.

…is there anything better than watching Callahan work the front of the net on a power play? Fearless.

…i wondered about AV's decision not to come right back with Lundqvist tonight, but this Talbot kid is proving time and again he has what it takes to beat any team in the NHL. Before the season AV had indicated he wanted his backup goaltender to get 20 starts, I think he should absolutely feel confident bumping that number up to at least 25 now. Will only make Lundqvist that much better if the Rangers are lucky enough to get into the post season.

…i know we all wanted Pyatt out of the lineup, but that's not the way I wanted it to happen. Gutless play by Tyutin.

…McDonagh looks like a guy who has been quarterbacking power plays his entire career not the last five games. Eating some major crow with the Arniel hire as he's absolutely turned around the fortunes of the Rangers power play.

…no idea how Kreider-Stepan-Zuccarello line didn't get on the board as they were absolutely flying all night.

…my jaw is still on the floor after that tic-tac-toe goal by Hagelin. Still not used to the Rangers being a fast, north-south team that has the ability to perform a highlight reel goal at any moment.

…someone needs to slap me as I'm starting to think the Rangers might not want to buyout Richards this summer. Looks like last year was a complete fluke.

…when Miller plays with some snarl, he can be a real effective player for the Rangers. Although I'm sure AV might have something to say to him about his defense (or lack of it) on the Murray goal.

…man Gaborik looked like the guy the Rangers couldn't wait to get rid of last year. A real lack of explosiveness and very tentative. Dubinsky on the other hand, that's a guy who can play on my team any day.

no video or recognition for ex-Blue Jackets during the game? Ouch.

…the Rangers defense has now allowed two goals or less in the last nine games. Man that 9-2 thrashing to the Sharks seems like a long time ago.

…btw, what's up with the Kreider kiss on Talbot's helmet post game? (via Kerith B.)…

…i still feel that the Rangers get pushed around too much. Hoping with Mashinter likely being re-inserted into the line-up for the injured Pyatt that will change.

…a couple of days off then the lowly Panthers come into MSG on Sunday.


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