Rangers 3, Sabres 1

NHL: New York Rangers at Buffalo Sabres

The New York Rangers (15-14-0) defeated the Buffalo Sabres (5-21-2) by the score of 3-1, tonight. For a box core, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…the best thing I  can say about that game is two points, is two points. Long stretches of uninspired and downright boring hockey by both teams, but as long as the Rangers came out on top that's all that matters. Having said that, the Rangers are lucky the Sabres suck, because they could have easily lost that game.

…so I guess it was the contract in Lundqvist's head. Talbot who?

…seriously, does Nash ever score a regular goal. Once again filthy.

…man, if Richards played every game in Buffalo he might actually be earning his contract as he now has four goals in the last two games in northern New York. Hmmmm, I wonder if there's any chance Sather can use that stat to sell a Richards trade to Lafontaine.

…nice to see Zuccarello finally learning that when you shoot, you score.

…are there two players in the NHL any more useless than Pyatt and Pouliot right now? Not sure how the Rangers can justify those two being in the lineup over youngsters such as Miller and/or Kristo.

…so much for John Scott imposing himself physically on the Rangers. Man he sucks.

…btw, this happened on Twitter tonight…

…apparently sarcasm is lost on the Sabres PR staff.

…special teams again lift the Rangers as their pk is now fourth in the NHL, while the power play continues to come up with big time goals.

…for all of our complaints about the lack of scoring and Lundqvist's "struggles," the Rangers are 12-7-0 in their last 19 games, after starting the season 3-7-0.

…at this point I'm just going to assume neither Callahan nor Hagelin is fully healed from their shoulder surgeries.

…"I cannot forecast to you the action of Brassard. He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." – Churchill

…five game point streak and points in six of seven games for McDonagh. What was Montreal thinking?!?!?!?!

…still not enough of an edge from this team. Can't remember a game this season that they came out and set the tone physically from the opening faceoff. Some passion please!!!!

…the Rangers have alternated wins and losses for the last seven games, so the key now is to start developing some consistency and string some wins together. Hopefully a nine game homestand will help facilitate that.

…and that homestand begins Saturday night against the Devils.


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