Rangers 3, Kings 1

The New York Rangers (1-1-0) defeated the Los Angeles Kings (1-2-0) by the score of 3-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…if this is the type of hockey we're going to be treated to from the Rangers all season, I'm officially pumped. Skating, hitting and offensive pressure. But more than that, I was impressed with their battle level against a big, strong Kings team.

…did the Rangers acquire this Brad Richards guy in a trade this summer? Don't remember him on the team last year.

…full beast mode from Nash tonight. If it wasn't for Quick he would have had at least two goals.

…speaking of Quick, got to love him doing his best Fatso Brodeur impression…

…even the most ardent Boyle detractor would have a hard time finding a way to criticize the big man tonight. 1a, 4 SOG and 5 hits.

…who knew all it would take was a puck to the face to turn Pyatt's game around. What did Rammer put in those stitches?

…Callahan = Warrior (via We Bleed Blue)…

…the most encouraging part of tonight for me was seeing the Rangers stay aggressive with the lead in the third period. No sitting back. Safe is death…oh wait, wrong coach.

…Lundqvist was fighting the puck early, but he got better as the game went on and won the battle between the two best goaltenders in the NHL.

…as @shoot_the_goalie said in the game notes comment section, amazing work by the Rangers in the neutral zone tonight. Lots of takeaways and quick counters. Was a big key to their victory.

…Stepan looks real close.

…if Pouliot could ever finish he'd be dangerous.

…still concerned about defensive lapses, but definite improvement from opener in Phoenix.

…so when do we start saying Arniel is in Brassard's head as he has his second straight underwhelming game to start the season.

…i'll let Adam take care of the congrats to AV for his first win…

…let's hope the Rangers didn't spend all their energy as they're right back at it tomorrow night in San Jose.

Here's Richards first goal of the game…

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