Rangers 1, Islanders 0, OT

The New York Rangers (21-16-4) defeated the New York Islanders (21-16-5) by the score of 1-0 in overtime, tonight. For a box score go to Yahoo! Sports.

…WOW!!!!! If you're a fan of hockey, it doesn't get better than that game right there. Skating, hitting, scrums after the whistle, it had it all. Oh yeah, and a Rangers win. The rivalry is officially back!

…and of course, in a game where you thought we'd never see a goal, the least likely player gets it with a pinpoint perfect shot.

…guess Lundqvist was saving the shutout for the biggest game of the season.

…sick pass by Brassard on the winner. Not sure the Rangers had anyone who could make that play earlier this season.

…the sweet sound of goal post was like music to my ears all night.

…which Islander pissed in Powe's cereal this morning?

…bravo to the crowd at the Coliseum. Electric atmosphere.

…i know Asham negated a Rangers power play, but I loved that, for what seemed like the first time all year, he stuck up for a teammate.

…Tavares is going to see McDonagh in his sleep tonight.

…one thing that has taken me off guard with Nash's game is his willingness to mix it up. Very impressed by that.

…thought the officiating was atrocious on both sides.

…the Rangers power play is going to suck for a very long time if Del Zotto continues to play the point the way he did tonight. Five blocked shots though. So at least there's that.

…great vibes after the win, but let's not kid ourselves, the Rangers offense wasn't exactly reminiscent of the Oilers in the late 80s tonight.

…in a game chock full of physical play, I expected more from Clowe.

…that's as close to a playoff game you're going to get and exactly how the Rangers want to play. So get used to this style from the Blueshirts in the remaining seven games and beyond. Great defense, Lundqvist and timely scoring. It worked last season and Torts finally has them playing that way again.

…couple of days off till another rivalry game in Philly on Tuesday.

Game highlights…

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