Help Provide Content for TheNYRBlog While Cutting Down on Pop-up Ads

Back in August, I discussed with you guys the necessary evil that is advertising on the blog. Specifically pop-up ads. I'll summarize it quickly for you. I hate them. You hate them. But for the blog to continue moving forward I need them.

However, I've been thinking about ways to possibly cut down on the amount of pop-up ads on the blog, while still being able to pay the bills around here.

With my family, job and what little social life I have at the age of 37, I barely have time to update the blog, so creating and selling merchandise just isn't feasible. And asking you guys to pay for content would never be an option. So, I developed an idea that would benefit both my readership and myself.

What I came up with is the opportunity for you guys, the readers, to guest blog for a fee. For $10 you can write an article, prospect report or interview, post a picture, video or podcast (obviously Rangers related) or produce anything you think might be interesting to your fellow readers.

Now, I know some of you might be concerned that the blog will transform into the The New York Rangers Blog version of the Bleacher Report, but I can promise you that all content will be approved and edited (because you know how well I edit) by TheNYRBlog staff before it is posted and it wouldn't be more than one reader post per day. My hope is that the money raised from these posts will help offset the cost of dropping the annoying pop-up ads.

I can't tell you the amount of requests I get from readers asking to guest blog, so I felt this idea will give my readership the chance to participate with TheNYRBlog while allowing me to cut back on some ads.

I know I sound like a corporate shill trying to cash in on the blog, but I really feel this is a win/win for everyone.

I've always said that TheNYRBlog is nothing without its readers and this is another way for you guys to help make the experience on the blog even better.

To be honest, I have no idea how this idea will be received, so I'd love to get your feedback in the comments section.

Finally, I do want to point out that not all advertising is bad. We Bleed Blue, Amity Harbor Sports, and Ace Depot are a huge part of why this blog is so successful and I want to thank them for their support. I ask everyone to patronize them whenever possible.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at and I will give you further instructions.


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