Predators 4, Rangers 1 (Callahan Out 4-6 Weeks)

Unlikely scorer Clune leads Predators over Rangers

The New York Rangers (15-16-1) lost to the Nashville Predators (14-14-3) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

After the game the Rangers announced that Ryan Callahan will be out 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain.

…i'm not even mad anymore. I'm really just sad. Sad that the fans have more passion than the players. Sad that they tricked me into thinking they'd play with some urgency tonight. Sad that I've come to the realization that this is just a bad team. Very disheartening. I think I need a hug.

…not that Callahan has been providing anything positive lately, but his injury is the last thing that locker room needed. We can only hope the team somehow rallies around their leader. Although, with the way this team refuses to standup for one another I'm not holding my breath.

…speaking of Callahan, the Rangers are insane if they give him a long term contract with how often he gets injured.

…not sure if I'm more upset about the Callahan injury or the realization that Pyatt or Pouliot is going to have to replace him in the lineup.

…i guess Asham wasn't the spark this team needed. Wonder if Avery has found those skates at the bottom of the Hudson yet.

…Columbus just recalled their backup AHL goaltender to face the Rangers Thursday night.

…Ovechkin put his team on his back with a four goal effort tonight, while Nash had one glimpse of domination. That's the difference between an elite player and a very good one.

…is Stepan holding out again?

…did Torts really have that much of a positive impact on Girardi? Because it's almost like he's never played defense before.

…AV has cut the backup goaltender, criticized players publicly and sat his star goaltender to no avail. Could the players have already tuned this guy out?

…i'm not ready to dump this all on AV as it's more than evident he doesn't have the personnel to run his offensive scheme, but if this ship isn't headed in the right direction soon he might end up getting the Trottier treatment.

…i swear this team has to be allergic to the blue paint in the crease because the offensive players refuse to go there. It's almost like they're afraid to go into the dirty areas. And that's the toughness this team is missing. I see certain Rangers fans complaining that the team doesn't need grinders, they need skill players. The Rangers have enough skilled players. What they don't have are grinders consistently generating offense for themselves and their teammates by working hard, going to the net and causing havoc. This game is more about effort than skill. It's why the Rangers were successful offensively in 2011-12. They didn't have more talent they had more fight.

…Rangers are 1-6-1 in their last eight home games. No wonder it's like a church inside MSG.

…so now what? This team is beyond a quick fix. I think Sather should give the team the remainder of the homestand to figure it out and if they can't resurrect their season it might be time to blow this thing up. Trade as many UFAs and RFAs as they can for draft picks and young talent then call up guys like Miller, McIlrath and Kristo to see what they can do.

…now is that realistic with James Dolan as the owner? I very much doubt it.

…some old friends in town on Thursday as Columbus invades MSG.

Highlights (LOL!):

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