Practice Notes: New Lines & Power Play Units

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record reports these new lines from practice today…


…very interesting to see Torts flip Hagelin and Pyatt. Pyatt has been one of the team's most consistent players, while Hagelin has struggled out of the gates. Assuming Torts is looking to balance out the lines.

…back to Hagelin, I'm really shocked to see him struggle so mightily to start the season especially after playing in Europe during the offseason. I know he suffered an injury during his time overseas, but I'm assuming that that's long been healed. It also doesn't explain the undisciplined penalties he's taken. Hagelin has now gone 34 games dating back to last season without a goal. Can you say sophomore slump? Yikes.

Meanwhile, Gross also says Torts changed things up on the power play as well…

PP1: Del Zotto-Girardi Nash-Callahan-Richards

PP2 McDonagh-Stralman Pyatt-Stepan-Gaborik

…not sure how taking Gaborik off the top unit helps the power play, but hey, nothing else is working.

Here's Torts on the power play (via Blueshirts United)…

"I don't think it's far away. Although we were oh-for, I thought we created scoring chances and had more zone time (against Toronto). But obviously we need to get a little consistency going."

Anton Stralman, who found himself back on the power play against the Leafs, adds this…

"We need to move the puck more quickly, make the defense react more to what we are doing, and we also need to get our shots through form the points.We need to be more consistent with what we are doing out there."

…see Stralman gets it. Maybe he should be coaching the power play.

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