‘Potpourri’ Open Thread: 7/18/13

Today, I've got nothin'…

Traditionally, the day after the MLB All Star Game is void of sporting events on the North American calendar. It's also known as the day ESPN has the green light to continuously run LeBron James and Tim Tebow highlights until their viewers are blue in the face.

I was hoping the NHL was going to release the 2013-14 schedule to analyze and break down as a central point of topic for today's open thread but that'll be saved for later this week.

But yesterday wasn't completely absent of news on the Rangers and NHL front so we'll start there…

Larry Brooks reported in yesterday's NY Post that negotiations with RFA Derek Stepan have come to a stand still and speculated that it could continue much deeper into the summer and perhaps bleed into training camp.

Elsewhere, an unverified copy of the Florida Panthers schedule popped up on twitter yesterday, which showed the Rangers making their lone trip to play the Panthers on 11/10 and the Panthers making two trips to MSG on 11/27 & 12/31. Also to be noted on this schedule is that the NHL could be taking a 3 week Olympic break.

So the floor is all yours today. Feel free to talk about anything you'd like down in the comments below. The rigged ESPY's, the ongoing heatwave… nothing is off limits.

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