Playoff Torts Starting to Re-emerge

Jeff Klein at the New York Times says that after a fairly calm season from John Tortorella with the press, last year's playoff temperment seems to be rearing its ugly head…

"But while he has been much better this year, he has relapsed on occasion in the last couple of weeks as the Rangers struggled to salvage a disappointing season by clinching a playoff spot. Thursday morning at Carolina, before a game the Rangers needed to win in order to clinch, he said a reporter should “grow up” after the reporter left the scrum. The reporter left because Tortorella refused to answer a question about Marc Staal’s eye injury, saying it was a distraction from that night’s game."

And Tortorella's outbursts apparently continued yesterday when he chastised the press for misrepresenting his relationship with Marian Gaborik.

…while the press loaths playoff Torts, I absolutely love him. I usually give Torts crap for not disclosing injuries during the regular season, but I actually agree with him being tight lipped during the playoffs. In a seven game series you never want to give your opponent any kind of advantage, so I say eff the press if they don't like not getting answers from Torts on injuries and other team matters.

…as long as the Rangers continue to win games in the second season, Tortorella's press conferences can consist of him sitting there giving the press the finger for all I care.

Klein adds that executives at USA Hockey will be real interested in Torts' attitude during the playoffs as a head coaching position could be on the line.

And of course, no angry Torts post would be complete without the "Next Question" remix…

Here's Torts post practice yesterday…

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