Penguins 3, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (3-4-0) lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins (4-3-0) by the score of 3-0, tonight. For a box score, go to Yahoo! Sports.

…tonight's Rangers game was sponsored by the number zero. As in zero passion, zero energy, zero discipline and zero offensive pressure. If you were able to sit through that one, consider yourself a true Rangers fan.

…you'd think the Rangers would be used to playing without Callahan by now, but without him in the line-up absolutely no one stepped up to provide any kind of leadership or spark.

…i tell you what, that list of old, broken down free agents is looking mighty good after this one. Rangers can't continue with this abomination of a line-up. Any chance they can get Arnott some of Ray Lewis' deer antler spray so he can pass the god damn physical. And while you're at it get Kreider some to.

…so help me God if Mike Sullivan is in charge of line changes.

…i guess now is as good of a time as any to ask this question, is it time to get concerned about Nash not scoring?

…remember last year when Richards was able to hide his lack of scoring behind a few clutch goals? No where to hide so far this season.

…i have no idea how Penguins fans can hold their noses and cheer for Crosby. He's such a whiny bitch. It pisses me off as a hockey fan because he's too good of a player to pull that garbage on the ice.

…ditto for Malkin with his dirty play out there.

…hey, at least Stralman had a nice game.

…lines looked much more balanced after Torts broke up "Welcome to the Jungle" line. Not that it mattered.

…Lundqvist back on top of his game, but might be time for Biron to get a start just to shake this team up.

…officially time for Stepan to start proving that he can be a productive NHL player. I did like his six shots on goal tonight, but he's got to start burying his chances.

…would love to see the Rangers shot chart for this game. I doubt there was more than two shots below the faceoff circle.

…wonder if Vokoun had the flu, because no Rangers player sniffed the front of the net tonight.

…maybe Prust would have been worth the money.

….running out of adjectives to describe how terrible the Rangers power play is.

…let me just get this out of my system: Sean Avery, Sean Avery, Sean Avery, Sean Avery, Sean Avery, Sean Avery.

…having said all that, and I said a lot, the Rangers are still only one game below .500 with 41 games left. Kreider will be back next week and Callahan the week after, so plenty of time to turn this around. But man this team needs to be shaken up a bit. Scary how lethargic they are.

…off tomorrow then off to Tampa Saturday night.

Game lowlights…

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