Now that the NHL is Back, Are You?

During this four month process, I heard on a number of occasions that fans were done with the NHL. No more watching games on television, no more tickets, no more merchandise, nothing.

Now that the season has been saved, it seems as though a lot of you are reneging on those threats.

And hey, I don't blame you. We all love this game and our Rangers. There's no passive hockey fans. If you're not 100% committed to puck, you're nothing but a basketball fan.

Having said that, a lot of you still want to send a message to the NHL and NHLPA that you're not ok with three lockouts in less than 10 years. So what can you do?

I refuse to tell anyone to stop watching the games on television or in person. At the end of the day, hockey is entertainment, so why would I promote making yourself miserable. There's too much to be depressed about these days and we all need an escape.

What's left is hitting them where it hurts…in the wallet. That's right, no more jerseys, hats and t-shirts. I'm pretty sure we all have our fill of NHL merchandise, so there's really no need to stock up. But if you must purchase Rangers gear definitely do it through the guys over at We Bleed Blue.

Also instead of buying concessions at the game, how about supporting the local businesses who suffered so badly during the lockout by having dinner at a restaurant near MSG before the game.

Yeah, I know it'll be tough not to purchase an in-game adult beverage (not sure I'll be able to resist no matter how expensive), but if you must get your drink on, how about smuggling in a flask full of Jack Daniels instead.

Even if fans decide not to send a message, I'm really hoping the NHL is serious about mending fences by at the very least offering NHL Center Ice free of charge for the remainder of the season. Not holding my breath though.

Would love to hear your thoughts on possible protests throughout the season you may have in mind.

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