Nothing Going On With Callahan Extension

Henrik Lundqvist isn't the only high profile Ranger having difficulties working out an extension with the club, as Ryan Callahan says this about his negotiations (via New York Post)…

“There’s absolutely nothing going on with that. It’s something that will take care of itself. I’ll play this year and see what happens after that.”

…it's crazy that Rangers fans, myself included, are leery of bringing back Lundqvist and Callahan on lucrative, long term deals. I mean, who wouldn't want to see both of these guys end their careers in a Blueshirt? But at the end of the day, it's about the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. It's never a smart idea to base a contract on nostalgia.

…i've said it before, but giving long term deals to a 31-year old goaltender and an injury prone forward will only lead to more mediocrity for this franchise. Sather needs to offer high paying, short term deals to these two and be willing to walk away if they're not interested in those terms. The best time to unload your top players is when they're at the pinnacle of their career, because the only one way for them to go is down and it's when you can get the greatest return. Sure the Rangers might get a few decent years out of them, but at the end of those max deals the Blueshirts will more likely be planning retirement ceremonies than Stanley Cup celebrations. Just ask the Yankees.

…if the Rangers want to be a progressive organization, not only should they be negotiating short term extensions with guys like Lundqvist, Callahan and Girardi, they also need to be scouring the league for their replacements if those negotiations fall through.

Also similar to Lundqvist, Callahan has been struggling this season as he's scored just twice in the last 12 games and has not been providing the physical element we're all used to from the Rangers Captain…

“I’m struggling to score and want to contribute more offensively, but I’m working hard to make sure that I don’t slip in other areas of my game. It seems like I go through something like this every year. I need to stay focused. I think I can be better. I need to be better.”

…i wonder if this is just a slump or Callahan's body beginning to break down from the punishment it has taken over the years. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Drury-like fall off from Callahan once he enters his 30s.

…if Lundqvist and Callahan aren't able to turn their games around this season, they are literally going to cost themselves millions in free agency. Their agents must be going nuts.

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