No Update on Pyatt; Likely No Review of Tyutin Hit

Steve Zipay at Newsday reports that there's no update on Taylor Pyatt after he was forced to leave last night's game after taking a shoulder to the jaw from Fedor Tyutin.

Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record notes that a morning press release from the NHL mentioned a hearing for Panthers' Jesse Winchester but not Tyutin, meaning the hit will likely not be reviewed.

Tyutin received a two-minute elbowing penalty for the hit.

According to Pro Hockey Talk, Pyatt has a history of head injuries. He’s had two issues that were openly labeled as concussions (one in 2008, the other in 2003) and also suffered from vaguely labeled upper-body issues.

Thought reader gravey94 put it perfectly when he said this about the gutless headshots that have become an epidemic in the NHL…

"I'm not a big fan of Pyatt (like most here), but for him to get injured like that on a day when Tony Dorsett came out and said he was diagnosed with CTE needs to be a big wake-up call for the NHL. Sure, Tyutin's not a dirty player and the hit was likely accidentally to the head, but Pyatt was gone for the game and likely longer, while Tyutin got a 2 minute minor.   ANY hit to the head needs to be a minimum of a 5 minute major and a game misconduct and an automatic review by the league.  Accidental hits should get no suspension (i.e. player that was hit lowered their head or skated into it, etc.).  Careless hits should be at least a 5 game suspension, and blatant hits should be a minimum of 15-20 games  Each time it happens, the punishment doubles for the offender from the previous time.  I guarantee you'll see players change their behavior if they start getting those types of punishments.  It's just ridiculous at this point.  Players are going down daily with head shot injuries and there is no need for it to continue happening."

…i know most of you are probably foaming at the mouth thinking about the Rangers recalling Kristo if Pyatt is out for an extended period of time, but I think the team either stands pat or recalls Powe. The Blueshirts offense is finally clicking on all cylinders, so the need for additional scoring isn't as great as it was last week. Plus Kristo wouldn't fill the void left on the penalty kill with the absence of Pyatt as well as Moore, who is out another week with oblique. Powe seems like the obvious choice. Plus we all know that AV feels more comfortable going with the veteran player. Obviously, my preference would be to leave the roster as is and just re-insert Mashinter into the line-up.

…and if you're worried about Powe's cap hit, Rangers can open up space by putting Nash on LTIR.

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