“No Olympics for Team USA?” Open Thread – 8/2/13

Every once in a while sports and politics mix and when it does, it's usually not pretty.

And that's the case once again as Sen. Lindsey Graham has suggested that the United States boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia due to the host country's recent decision to give asylum to U.S. citizen Edward Snowden, who has been charged with espionage for leaking details about two National Security Agency information gathering programs.

The U.S. Olympic Committee responded to Sen. Graham by stating a boycott would only hurt the athletes.

President Carter boycotted the Summer Olympics in Moscow in 1980 over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

…i very much doubt Putin, a relic of the Cold War, would even flinch if the U.S. did indeed boycott the Olympics. Some kind of economic sanctions are probably the better way to go.

…to the hockey side, to be honest, if the U.S. decided to sit this one out, I wouldn't complain about the extra rest for Cally, McD and Stepan. Having said that, without the U.S participating, the gold medal would be tainted the same way winning a Stanley Cup in a lockout year is.

…would love to hear your thoughts.

And here's your this can't be real image of the day…

…i have to admit, they're strangely awesome.

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