No Need for Torts to Disrespect Sam

Update, 3:20 p.m.:

…while it doesn't excuse Torts for the way he treated Sam, I am very happy to see this.

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I was 100% on board with the Rangers hiring of John Tortorella. He was a Stanley Cup winning coach who was known for an up-temp, pressure offense as well as being a great motivator.

And oh those candid post game press conferences, I couldn't wait.

And while Torts has inexplicably gone from preaching "safe is death" to death to those who aren't safe, his press conferences have not disappointed.

That was until Tuesday night, when he decided to take his frustration out on the beloved Sam Rosen after the Rangers tough loss in Buffalo…

Here's Bob Raissman at the Daily News on Tortorella's embarrassing attack on Sam…

"This is what he gets in return for his loyalty? A load of crap from a coach who has done as much whining as winning. Rosen is the voice of the Rangers. For many fans, he’s a beloved figure. This is the guy Tortorella decides to treat like a used sweat sock?"

…if Torts wants to go after Larry Brooks or any of the other beat writers, I'm ok with it and I think they are as well. But to go after Sam, who I have to question what he's even doing interviewing Torts postgame anyway, is crossing the line in my opinion. He completely disrespected an icon in the realm of New York sports.

…Torts has always talked about respecting the history of the Rangers franchise and he basically just dumped on someone who has played a significant part of it for many Rangers fans. Talk about a hypocrite.

…i've contended that even if the Rangers failed to make the playoffs this season Torts would survive the summer and be allowed to right the ship next fall. But I've got to be honest, with the team starting to spiral out of control a bit here along with this latest stunt I may have to re-consider my stance. One problem with a disciplinarian behind the bench is if the team isn't winning the act becomes tired real quick.

…and if Torts doesn't figure this out soon, he's legacy with the Rangers will not last a lifetime.

Here's a great video of Torts' greatest hits…

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