No Kaleta Means No Payback Tonight

Tonight will be the first time the Rangers and Sabres meet since this…

So when Marc Staal says this about the Patrick Kaleta hit…

“It (ticks) you off, it gets you angry. It’s a cheap hit. The biggest thing is you do want to hurt them, you want to make them feel that. We were able to get two, but it doesn’t do that kind of hit any justice.”

…you have to assume it's on like Donkey Kong tonight. Right? Wrong. In case you've forgotten Kaleta was suspended five games for the disgusting board of Brad Richards and tonight is the fourth game of that suspension. So any retribution the Rangers and their fans might have had in mind will have to wait until the two teams meet for the final time on April 19th.

…with Kaleta out of the line-up, I really don't see the Rangers seeking payback on any of his teammates tonight. I mean, it's not Vanek's fault that Kaleta's a douche bag.

Since the Kaleta hit, the Rangers are 4-1-0 and Richards has a goal in both games since returning to the line-up after missing two contests due to the affects from the crosscheck from behind.

…not sure why I'm even talking about retaliation on Kaleta, the Rangers should be thanking him as the hit really seemed to bring the team closer as they rallied around their fallen alternate captain. I've seen more passion and heart from this team in the last five games than I had in the previous 19.

…and apparently near paralysis is what Richards needed to snap out of his slump as he looks like a different player since his return to the line-up. While I am joking, maybe the time off did Richards some good as he was able to evaluate his game and make the proper adjustments. A couple of games off could be what the doctor ordered for Gaborik as well.

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