No Indication From Rangers Organization That Torts’ Job In Jeopardy

While there has been wild speculation that John Tortorella could be fired if the Rangers are swept or lose in a short series to the Bruins, Jeff Klein at the New York Times says that scenario doesn't seem likely…

"There have been no indications from the Rangers’ organization that Tortorella’s job is in jeopardy, as there were in the weeks leading to the firing of his predecessor, Tom Renney, in February 2009."

Klein adds that the Rangers run to the Eastern Conference Finals last season along with the seven-game comeback victory over Washington in the first round this season, have probably guaranteed that Tortorella will start next season behind the Rangers’ bench.

…while Darren Dreger of TSN, who started the whole Torts could be fired rumor, is a respected insider in the hockey industry, I'd rather take the word of a beat reporter who's around the Rangers on a daily basis and likely has a better feel of the organization's thinking on their head coach.

…i do have to say that I was beyond disappointed in the Rangers effort Tuesday night and if they come out as lethargic in Game 4 tonight, not only will they be swept, but my personal leash on Tortorella will be that much shorter beginning in October.

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