NHL Lockout Is Finally Over!!!!!

Update, 8:40 a.m.:


Kevin DeLury:
So when the heck does the season start!!!!!

Pierre LeBrun at ESPN.com says if it's a 50-game season it would start Jan 15; if it's a 48-game season it would start Jan 19.

While Darren Dreger at TSN says training camps will open either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on radification.

In other CBA news:

LeBrun adds this year's cap is is $60M but teams can spend up to $70.2 M. Cap floor is $44M, while next year's cap will be $64.3M.

Meanwhile Nick Kypreos reports that NHL teams can buyout two players over the next two summers only. Also option to use both buyouts at once.

…between the first two year caps and the two buyouts the Rangers should be more than ok to keep who they have. Starting in 2014-15, decisions will need to be made.

…holy crap, hockey is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Original Post:

Finally….. More to come as details break.

James Wrabel:

Among the details known thus far:

-10 year CBA with an opt out in Year 8.

– $64.3 million cap for 2013-14 along with 2 compliance buyouts. Not sure if it comes out of the Players' share or not.

– 7-year limit on free-agent contracts (8 years for own team players).

Hockey is back!!!!!!!!! I've never been this excited at 5 AM in my life. Ever.