NHL Counters NHLPA’s Counter Offer

Yesterday, after an afternoon of mini-conferences and conference calls, the NHL submitted the latest counter offer to the NHLPA…

…so does the NHLPA now counter the NHL's counter of the NHLPA's original counter of the NHL's newest proposal?

…everyone in the media seems optimistic that by hook or by crook a deal will be made. Which has me very scared.

Dan Rosen at NHL.com gives some insight into what's in the NHL's counter proposal…

1) Agreements to some of what the PA asked for
2) Movement in the PA's direction in some areas
3) No answers on some other issues.

Gary Bettman, who is happy with the continuous talks between the two sides, said this about the negotiations (via Canadian Press)…

 "We're clearly not done."

…no shit.

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