NHL 14 Will Have ‘Live The Life’ Mode

You know its slow news wise when TheNYRBlog is just posting videos to keep you occupied. Alas, I check in with something that's a bit old but nonetheless worthy of some print.

NHL 14 will have some new features to it, one of them being 'Live The Life' mode where users must maintain a relationship with teammates, the media, fans and their family. If you've played the 'NBA 2K' series, this will look familiar to you. You answer questions from the media and fans and, depending on your answer, will help or hinder your player's teammate chemistry, likability with the fans etc.

Here's the trailer:

– Is 9/10/13 here yet? Aside from it being a day before training camp opens that's when NHL 14 drops. And I'll be checking this new feature out for sure.

– Happy Monday everyone!

– I'm surprised @Herman_NYRBlog hasn't posted his Top 10 Best Celebrity Recipes as an open thread yet.

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