New Kids on the Block

"I've always wanted to wear that hat ever since I saw it on 24/7".
– Ryane Clowe

…i eff'n love that quote!!!!!

So obviously, the new guys had a tremendous impact on the Rangers 6-1 win vs. the Penguins last night. So let's take a look shall we…

Ryane Clowe's first goal…

Derick Brassard…

John Moore…

And their reaction (via Blueshirts United)…


“To come here, fresh start, my gut feeling was telling me I would fit in pretty well here, so it felt good to be here tonight. It was crazy. It was wild, and a lot of fun.”


“Sometimes you play your best game when you don't worry about anything. We got here 15 minutes before warmups! It was quite the experience, but I'll remember that for the rest of my life for sure.”

For full Clowe post game interview, click here.

…before I get to anything, I'll take my lumps for joking about the scoring deficient Rangers trading for a guy with zero goals to jump start the offense. Ate big time crow last night.

…while the goals were obviously nice, it was Clowe and Brassard's forechecking style that has me the most excited. It's amazing how much of an immediate impact those two along with Moore had on the line-up. It seemed like the entire team look their cue after Clowe ran over Engelland on that first shift. It was relentless all night and I loved every minute of it.

…another huge benefit to this trade is the depth it brings to this team. Instead of relying on two rookies, who probably aren't ready for full time NHL duty, they can now put Miller and Kreider back in the AHL and allow them to develop at their own pace. Also on defense, instead of Rangers fans having to suffer through another game of Hamrlik lumbering up and down the ice, we'll get to see the smooth skating of Moore. And when Staal comes back, the Rangers defense should be one of the most formidable in the league once again.

…now having said all that, Rangers fans need to temper their enthusiasm just a little bit. Those three were likely playing with a ton of adrenaline last night, so before we put them in the Hall of Fame let's see if they can sustain that battle level for the remainder of the season.

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