Never Make a Bet With a Bruins Blogger

Sorry guys, because the Rangers lost the opener to the Bruins, I've been forced to publish this brag post by Greg of Bloguin's Boston Bruins blog "Day's of Y'Orr". Ugh…

Hello Rags fans. I hope you all are having a terrible day, remembering how both the Bruins and the Penguins completely annilhated the "best team in the Eastern Conference". Last season, Kevin and I had a bet where the winner of the Bruins/Rangers game would have to use a Twitter avatar given to them by the winner until the two teams played again. 

Unfortunately, the Bruins lost and I was stuck with Sean Avery hitting Tim Thomas in the back of the head for about two months. So we decided that whoever won the opener this year would get to post on the other's blog bragging about it. So….suck it! 

Fair Warning: This will not be gracious, complimentary, nice or anything associated with me saying "HEY GOOD GAME RANGERS". 





Thoughts Tom? 

middle finger



And finally, my thoughts on Madison Square Garden:

burn it down


Everyone talked about the Rangers offense and goaltending coming into this season. Where does New York's offense currently reside? 25th overall with 2.00 goals per game. Their defense? 27th with 4.50 goals against per game (thanks for that 6 piece, Pittsburgh) and Lundqvist? Only 38th (out of 43 goalies) in GAA at 4.77 and 35th in SV% with a staggering .865. 

Their power play sucks (11.1% success, 25th overall) which is a little weird, considering that have players who can score goals (or actually, they can't). 

Enjoy Rupp getting his face broken (again) in what is sure to be a rematch on the ice tonight. I hope Biron's pads are broken in because based on Lundqvist's play, you'll need him more than ever. 

Feel free to come chirp in our preview thread too.



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