Nemo Aids Tampa Travel Plans

The blizzard that rocked the northeast has played tricks with the Tampa Bay Lightning's travel schedule, but ultimately the best outcome surfaced for their game against the Rangers tonight.

The Lightning were supposed to play the Bruins yesterday at 1pm in Boston, but because of the storm the game was moved to 7pm. This was obviously going to benefit the Rangers greatly as the Lightning wouldn't have left Boston until late Saturday night and with the mess left in the aftermath of blizzard "Nemo" they likely wouldn't have arrived in New York until early in the morning.

Unfortunately for the Blueshirts, the conditions were so poor in Boston yesterday, the NHL decided to scrap the Bolts/Bruins game all together and the Lightning left Boston by bus yesterday afternoon giving them plenty of time to get to New York and have a good night's sleep.

…hockey Gods not smiling down on the Rangers here.

…while taking a bus from Boston to New York is no picnic, I'm sure the Bolts players are not complaining when they think of what the alternative could have been.

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