Nash Not At Home Opener Ceremony

Last night during player introductions one person was noticeably absent….Rick Nash (concussion).

Nash has now missed seven games since taking a blow to the head from the Sharks' Brad Stuart on Oct. 8th.

Nash is currently on injured reserve, but yet to be placed on long-term injured reserve. As I mentioned yesterday, placing Nash on LTIR could give the team some cap relief, however, he'd be ineligible to play for a minimum of 10 games or 24 days. Unless they retroactivate it to Oct 8th, which would make him available by the November 4th game vs. the Ducks at MSG.

…assuming the loud noise and bright lights of the home opener likely kept him away. Which is quite scary. Getting more concerned by the day that Nash might be done for the season. Which would obviously be a huge blow to this Rangers team devoid of any offensive ability right now.

…Sather is going to have to make a decision real soon on whether he's going to need to obtain some offense via a trade to replace Nash before this season spirals out of control.

Here's video of the player intros…

…despite some players needing to be boo'd (cough Del Zotto & Pyatt cough), big props to the MSG crowd for cheering them on instead. There's a few times when you just don't boo your team, one of which is the home opener player intros.

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