Nash Had Concussion; Callahan, Hagelin Multiple Separated Shoulders

In a conversation with Larry Brooks at the New York Post, Glen Sather admitted that Rick Nash suffered a concussion on the Milan Lucic hit back in February that kept the Rangers star forward out for over a week as well as that both Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin suffered multiple separated shoulders throughout the year…

“That’s when a lot of the injuries started. When Lucic rammed Nash from behind and gave him a concussion.

“Take a look at [Ryan] Callahan, he must have separated his shoulder eight or nine times during the year and he kept playing. Same with [Carl] Hagelin."

….so if Nash suffered a concussion on that Lucic hit, why in the world was he allowed to play over 20 minutes in the two games that followed? You'd think with everything that had gone on with Boogaard and Staal this Rangers medical staff would finally learn. I know concussions are tricky and signs don't always present themselves immediately, but why would they take a chance. It was obviously serious enough that he ended up missing 11 days because of the head injury. And what makes it worse is all the lying and secrecy that went on in the aftermath. From telling season subscribers that Nash didn't attend an event because he was sick to informing the press it was a maintenance day, the entire situation was handled very poorly.

…although, this revelation makes Nash's shootout goal later in the Bruins game all the more impressive…

I put together a timeline of the Nash injury which you can read here.

…even with Callahan and Hagelin's multiple separated shoulders, while I appreciate the warrior-type attitude the two of them displayed, I just can't comprehend how these two were given the green light to continue playing and possibly cause irreversible damage to their shoulders. At some point the long term success of the franchise has to take precedence over the short term gains during a lockout shortened season. What went on with three of them this season is unacceptable in my opinion.

Here's video of Lucic hit on Nash…

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