Sec 224 Row 3 View Underneath Bridge

MSG Bridges Will Cause Obstructed Views of Scoreboard

After I posted renderings of the new MSG bridges the other day, I received numerous messages from season ticket holders who have been told by their ticket reps that the newly constructed bridges will obstruct the view of the new scoreboard starting with row 12 in section 200.

While the ice surface will not be obstructed, you can see by the below screen shots of the Rangers’ new 3D seat viewer sent to me from reader Chris S. that the scoreboard will be partially or completely blocked for hundreds of Rangers fans…

Row 19, Section 224

Last row, Section 224

Row 3, Section 224 looking up at bridges

At least MSG has the decency to put TVs behind the bridges for those in section 200 who will not be able to view the new scoreboard.

Here's where I would normally give my thoughts on the obstructed views, but I couldn't say it more perfect than reader jmacwilli did in the comments section of my previous post on the bridges…

"Even if the upper sections can still see the entire playing surface their view of the open arena will be lost.  They (MSG executives) ignored the fact that fundamental to the experience of enjoying a game is the cavernous feel of the arena; the unencumbered view of "you among many".  An arena is a bloody cathedral and they just split the view in half for hundreds if not thousands of people."

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