MSG Bridges Ready for Use

Jennifer Gould Keil at the New York Post reports that the MSG sky bridges are complete and ready for use.

Keil adds that the two glass-walled 430-seating areas (north bridge has 355 seats and the south bridge 75, plus space for media) attached to the roof are going for $110 to $210 and hold a total of 900 people.

The bridge seats are 94 feet away from the arena floor, which is the same distance as existing front-row seats.

…listen, I have criticized the bridges as a gimmick for the Dolans to make more money. And don't get me started on them obstructing the view of the scoreboard and arena for those not fortunate enough to sit with the suits ice level. But I do have to admit, I'm sure sitting up there is a pretty awesome and unique experience. If anyone wants to buy me tickets, definitely send me an e-mail. lol

Here are some pics provided by the Post…

There has also been a rumor that MSG added a new ice plant and floor this summer as well (via Frozen Faceoff, H/T to reader John B.).

For pics proving this rumor, click here.

…now this is an improvement I can get behind. The ice at MSG has been notoriously awful, so more than any other part of the renovation, if true, this will make the fan experience so much better by improving the quality of play.

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