More Reserved Torts Might Get Top U.S. Olympic Job

Jeff Klein at the New York Times reports that John Tortorella is the surprise favorite to get the head coaching job for Team USA at next year's Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Klein adds that Tortorella's recent cooperation with reporters is in stark contrast with his normal style and, if it lasts, can only help his Olympic chances.

Klein then notes that the coach of the Olympic men’s team comes with a certain responsibility because that person is, in many ways, the face of hockey before the game’s biggest American audience.

…i doubt very much that Torts' change in attitude with the press has anything to do with him lobbying for the head coaching job of Team USA. Having said that, it could very well coincidentally help his chances, which would be awesome. I think his tough rugged forechecking style would be perfect for Team USA.

…i also think his bluntness with the press could become as positive as the focus will be directed towards him taking the pressure off the players.

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