Missed Opportunities

The Rangers could have very easily won Game 1 if they took advantage of the numerous opportunities presented to them. Here they are…

Carl Hagelin misses short-handed breakaway in second period…

To watch at NHL.com, click here.

…ugh, don't want to say game over if Hagelin scores there, but Rangers would have had a strangle hold on the game.

Here's Adam Oates on the importance of that short-handed Holtby save (via Newsday)…

 "I thought the breakaway that Holts stopped on Hagelin was the big one, though. Penalties . . . we killed them well. Every little thing matters."

Coming up empty on second period 5-on-3…


…similar to the Hagelin missed shorty opportunity, this goal would have put the Capitals back on their heels. While the Rangers did have possession for almost all of the 5-on-3 the quality of shot that they generated just wasn't what it needed to be when you're two men up. Needed to be better in the faceoff circle during the power play as well.

Here's Henrik Lundqvist on the impact of coming up empty there (via New York Post)…

“It’s a big play in the game. It changed a lot. It really did.”

Hagelin hits crossbar in third period…


…i really hate to pick on Hagelin because not only did he score, he was flying all night, but he has to bury that. He had an empty net. No excuses for missing that.

Ryan McDonagh on Hagelin's crossbar…

"It's unfortunate. Hags hit the post. It could be [3-2] there."

And finally, the John Moore non-goal, goal in the third period…

To watch at NHL.com, click here.

…this wasn't really a missed opportunity, more of just bad luck. Was that a goal? Absolutely. Was there conclusive evidence that it went in? Absolutely not. Refs and Toronto sadly had no choice but to rule no goal.

…even with all the penalties, Hank's bad goal and faceoff ineptness, if the Rangers could have taken advantage of just two of these opportunities they probably win the game, which has me very positive about their prospects of coming back in the series.

…oh yeah, and stop shooting the puck wide!!!!!!! It's like Del Zotto was giving out free shooting lessons to his teammates before the game.

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