Miller Has the B@lls to Hold onto the Puck

During his month and a half in the NHL, JT Miller has proven that no moment is too big for him, including last night when he was put in position to get the Rangers two crucial points in the shootout…

Here's John Tortorella on Millers' shootout winner…

"I wanted to go with him and he almost fanned. He went so slow I think he missed it three or four times before he scored. He has some jam that way. Some of our other guys have been struggling in (the shootout). I was just confident he could make a play. It certainly wasn't a great move, but you have to give him credit for having the b@lls to hold on to it, keep it and put it in the net."

Miller describes the move (via Blueshirts United)…

"I tried to wait him out and was lucky when (Dan Ellis) went down. The fact that (Torts) has faith in me means a lot."

…got to give Miller a ton of credit for staying with the puck, showing poise to gather himself and getting the Rangers two big points.

…there's been a lot of talk (including from myself) about why Torts had such a shorter leash with Kreider than with Miller. I think last night proved why. Even during Kreider's great run last spring he never displayed the complete game Miller does on an almost gamely basis. Torts likes confident players who aren't afraid to make mistakes, which is why his is much more tolerant of Miller and his miscues as they never seem to rattle the rookie.

Here's the rest of Torts' thoughts on the game and Miller…

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