Messier Says Sather Asked Him to Coach

After announcing that he was leaving the Rangers organization, Mark Messier told Larry Brooks at the New York Post that it was Glen Sather who approached him about pursuing the head coach vacancy…

“When the Ranger job became open, Glen asked me if I had interest in it. After talking to my wife about it and what that kind of commitment would mean to our lives and our family, I told Glen I would be interested."

Messier added that he told Sather he wanted to go through the process like everyone else.

"The Captain" also addressed his lack of coaching experience…

“I have tremendous respect for the coaching fraternity and for the art of coaching,” Messier told The Post. “I don’t take it lightly. I understand the benefit of experience.

“But I have a lot of experience in this game and in winning. I’m not 32. I’m 52. There’s a little bit of water under the bridge. I’ve learned a lot. My experience shouldn’t be discounted or under-appreciated, either.”

Messier finished by stating that he feels confident he could do a great job as a coach in taking a team to another level.

…while I understand it was Sather who initiated Messier's interest, my issue is with the sense of entitlement. Look at that last quote. Even after being passed over because of his lack of experience he still feels he doesn't need to put in the time in the AHL or as an assistant. It sounds as if he'll continue with the Kingsbridge National Ice Center until a NHL team comes calling about a head coaching job. He might be waiting for awhile.

…and for those calling this a non-story, huh? The greatest Ranger of all time decides to leave the organization after being passed over for the head coach vacancy and you don't think it's a big deal? And trust me, the last thing I want to do is sit here and rip Messier, but when I started this blog I promised myself I was going to be brutally honest even if meant chopping down a Rangers legend or pissing my readership off. The day I decide to water down my commentary or compromise my thoughts to make the readership happy is the day this blog begins to suck.

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