Messier Doesn’t Bear Any Grudges Against Rangers

In an interview for YES Network's "CenterStage," Mark Messier discussed being passed over for the Rangers head coach position this past summer (via New York Post)…

“I wasn’t hurt,” Messier said. “I was [more] disappointed, because I really kind of made my mind up that I could do this, and I knew what I was getting [into].

“I’ve been around a long time and I understand the nuances that go on behind the scenes. It gets complicated, but I don’t bear any grudges against the organization.”

Messier added that no bridges have been burned and he plans on being in attendance when the newly renovated Madison Square Garden is unveiled on Friday.

Messier recently accepted a position as a consultant for the Edmonton Oilers.

…Messier better not hold any grudges as he should have been thanking his lucky stars that his relationship with Glen Sather allowed him to even be considered for the position despite have ZERO coaching experience.

…although, with the way the Rangers season has gone with Vigneault, could Messier have done that much worse?

…i'm still baffled by Messier's comments about making up his mind that he could coach. That's all well and good, but if he's so interested in getting behind the bench, shouldn't he be looking to, you know, obtain some head coaching experience instead of working as a consultant?

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