McIlrath Fights Again

For the second straight day Dylan McIlrath threw down with an opposing player. Last night it was against Dalton Smith of Springfield…

…don't get me wrong, I love me some McIlrath poundings and can't wait to see him bring the pain in the NHL, but after everything we know and witnessed with Boogaard at what point is it too much? I feel like everytime I look at a CT Whale box score I see a fighting major for McIlrath.

…now, I don't know how much of this is his fault. He's a rookie in the AHL with a reputation of being a brawler. So I'm assuming every AHL enforcer is testing him out. And there's no way he's backing down. But I would really hate to see his career declining before it even starts because of the constant punches to the head he's taking.

…unfortunately, if he makes the Rangers roster next year, he'll being doing this all over again as the NHL enforcers take their shots at him.

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