McDonagh Goal Doesn’t Live Up to Hype

On Tuesday, I posted a tweet from Minneapolis Tribune writer Michael Russo regarding a sick top shelf goal Ryan McDonagh scored after stickhandling through three opponents at Octagon hockey camp in Minnesota earlier in the week.

Welp, the video of that goal has been made available by the good people at KSTP-TV in Minneapolis (H/T Melissa at Black & Blueshirts)…

…listen, I love McDonagh just as much as the next guy but that goal did not live up to the hype. Players were going half speed and the last guy he "beat" barely offered any effort on that token stick check attempt. And what's up with him bent over after the goal? Could his conditioning really be that bad? Looks like someone needs a few Herbies to get back into shape.

…on the positive side, it was encouraging to see McDonagh thinking offense on the play. Guess that's what happens when the Tortorella shackles are taken off. Sorry Torts, didn't mean to criticize you behind your back. Obviously, I'm not real a man.

…you know I officially need hockey to start when I'm critiquing plays from summer camp.

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