Martin Biron Announces His Retirement

Martin Biron has opted to retire from hockey at the age of 36.


Biron finishes his NHL career with 210 wins, including 22 with the Rangers.



It's unfortunate that Biron had to go out in this manner. He had been a quality goaltender in the NHL for a long time and was praised for his character and attitude by everyone. However, it is a part of the business and I'm sure Biron understands that. Biron will probably take some time off but I'm sure he will come back to hockey in some capacity eventually, whether as a coach or on TV. In the mean time, all the best to him and congratulations on a very respectable career.

For the Rangers, the move frees up $375,000 in cap space. Every penny counts given the tight cap situation. However, it also creates a bit of a depth issue in goal. There are no guarantees that Talbot will prove capable of backing up Lundqvist, and an incredibly raw Jason Missiaen now stands as Hartford's starting goaltender. The Rangers might eventually add a goaltender for depth.


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