Malkin Interested in Playing for the Rangers?

Welp, at least Papa Malkin knows how to turn a boring August day into excitement for Rangers fans as he recently told SovSport (via Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy) this about possible destinations for his son Evgeni if things ever soured in Pittsburgh…

“But son said ‘If things in Pittsburgh were ever to go downhill and I would have to leave, I would pick the New York Rangers or the Montreal Canadiens. There are a few clubs, but I am in no rush to be in Dallas. But actually I don’t want to change houses, go somewhere. I am used to Pittsburgh – to the city and the team.’"

Malkin just signed an 8-year, $76 million extension with the Penguins this summer.

…obviously this is not something that is imminent and is likely just a random conversation Evgeni had with his father about other cities he thought would be great to play in. And New York is an obvious destination as the bright lights of Broadway would be appealing to a super star such as Malkin, not to mention the comfort level he'd have in a city with such a large Russian population (see Brighton Beach).

…having said that, with the cap space the Rangers have next summer, you have to wonder if Sather has the stones to contact Penguins GM Shero about acquiring the Russian sniper.

…so, how in the world would he be able to pry such a talent away from a legit Stanley Cup contender? It would likely take the perfect situation and giving up the Rangers best player in return. It's summertime so let me throw this scenario out there for conversation sake. What if the Rangers struggle this season and Lundqvist refuses to sign an extension before the trade deadline? And at the same time, the Penguins underachieve behind the continued regression of goaltender Marc Andre Fleury. That scenario screams for a Malkin for Lundqvist blockbuster deadline deal. And who is going to tend goal for the 2014-15 Rangers you ask? UFA goaltender Jonas Hiller of course.

…so what do you guys think? Would you ever consider Lundqvist for Malkin?

…the only negative I see with Malkin is that Rangers fans will have to learn how to defend a player who slew foots.

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