Lundqvist Will Put Extension Talks on Hold If Becomes In Season Distraction

After this morning's on ice workouts, Henrik Lundqvist stated that he is still having conversations with the Rangers about an extension, however, there's nothing new to report.

Lundqvist added that if a deal isn't done before the season, they will be put on hold if it becomes even a slight distraction once the year starts.

…quick someone get the e-mail addresses of every Rangers beat writer so we can advise them not to overwhelm Lundqvist with contract questions this season.

…this might be even more scary than the Stepan negotiations. I'm still very confident a deal with Stepan gets done. Lundqvist? I'm not so sure.

…i've been saying it all offseason, the Rangers better get off to a quick start or the questions will begin to rain down on Lundqvist about contract talks and once they do, I think he's just made it very clear that all negotiations will cease at that point. Which wouldn't be a good situation for the Rangers.

…i'm sure Lundqvist wants nothing more than to finish his career with the Rangers, but I'm not 100% convinced he'd be willing to sign on the dotted line if he doesn't feel he can win a Stanley Cup in Manhattan. A step back for the Rangers this season, and I'm absolutely convinced that Lundqvist will be looking for better opportunities next summer.

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