Lundqvist Steals Two Points for Rangers

Soooooooo, Henrik Lundqvist. Sort of good last night. How good? This good…

Here's John Tortorella on Lundqvist's performance last night…

"That's the best I've seen him play since I've been here. He certainly finds a way to get us a win tonight."

Torts adds this on Lundqvist's competitiveness…

"I have never seen anyone prepare like he does and compete as hard as he does all the time. He stole us one."

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Rick Nash added this on Lundqvist…

"He was unbelievable. He kept us in the game early and then late. Once again he was the backbone of our team and our best player."

For more from Nash, click here.

…with the Hurricanes struggling mightily and Lundqvist tweaking his groin in Pittsburgh Friday, this game seemed like the perfect spot for Biron. Good thing Torts fills out the line-up card and not me.

…this is the Lundqvist we were used to seeing last year. Covering for every mistake the team makes and stealing games. And watch out now, Lundqvist all of a sudden puttin himself in contention for a second straight Vezina Trophy.

…now, can we get the guy a friggin' shutout please.

Here's Lundqvist after the game…

…i really like this post game Lundqvist rather than the one last week who looked like he needed a hug.

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