Lundqvist: No Requirement to Get Contract Done Before the Season

In an interview with SVT (H/T The Henrik Lundqvist Blog), Henrik Lundqvist discusses the latest regarding contract extension talks with the Rangers…

"We're talking, there's so much I can say. There is no requirement that it should be ready this summer or even when the season begins. I well knew early on that I did not want to put pressure that it would be ready this summer or right now."

Lundqvist added that negotiations are going in the right direction and that he finds it hard to see himself playing somewhere else.

The Rangers netminder also said he's not averse to ending his career with Rangers by signing a league maximum eight-year extension.

If you speak Swedish here's the video…

…assuming the Rangers are going to do everything they can to keep their franchise goaltender in a Blueshirt for the remainder of his NHL career, but by Lundqvist seemingly not pushing hard to get an extension done now, I'm still concerned that he wants to see how the team reacts to AV before making a long term commitment to the Rangers. I mean, what's the difference financially between getting it done now or in January? The Rangers cap space next season isn't going to change in that time and I very much doubt Lundqvist's value will either drastically rise or fall based on his performance in the first few months of the season.

…so to me, there's really no other reason for Lundqvist to wait other than to 100% confirm that this Rangers team is going to be a Cup contender for the foreseeable future. Man, my agita level is going to be through the roof if god forbid the Rangers struggle out of the gates this season. Can you imagine if the Rangers underachieve this year and Lundqvist still hasn't signed an extention before the trade deadline? The panic in Rangers nation will be worse than what I felt last week when my wife told me she was late.

…to the contract he'll likely get. Even if you think it's financially irresponsible, if Hank wants it, he's getting the 8-year, $80 million max deal.

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