Lundqvist Makes News With No News: Open Thread 8/20/2013


We've got video from Bruce Beck of NBC New York catching up with Henrik Lundqvist. They talk about NYC, his next contract and much more.

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It's time for everybody's favorite game show, titled, "My Agent Limits What I'm Allowed To Say But I Like New York A Lot." Hosted by Henrik Lundqvist. Today, it's Will Sammon of Newsday providing the latest batch of Lundqvist quotes in regards to a potential contract extension.

"I' love it here, I really do," said Lundqvist, who lives in Manhattan.' There's a few things we have to discuss, but like I keep telling everyone, I've had such a great time in New York with the way the fans have treated me and with the challenge to be here, I just love that part. We'll see what happens but it will be fun to stay.'"

We've seen way too many players tied to one team – Gretzky in Edmonton, Favre in Green Bay, Pujols in St. Louis, etc. – shock everybody and move on. So there are never guarantees. Still, there has been absolutely nothing aside from doomsday predictions from the most paranoid fans to indicate that Lundqvist will be signing a contract with anyone except the Rangers.

So one has to wonder; is signing a long-term extension the only obstacle standing in the way of Lundqvist getting his number raised to the rafters? With 276 wins he's probably going to break Mike Richter's record of 301 wins this upcoming season and, assuming he signs an extension, make a mockery of it with every subsequent season. He's been the backbone of the team since the 2005-2006 lockout and, 30+ years down the line, will be the player everyone associates with this era of the New York Rangers. Cynics will point out that he has not won a Stanley Cup, but that is hardly his own doing. Nonetheless, Eddie Giacomin is forever enshrined despite never winning a Stanley Cup with the Rangers, so I don't see why Lundqvist would be held to that standard. A Stanley Cup would be the pinnacle of Lundqvist's career and certainly what is most strived for, but I don't see that as a requirement for him to be honored on an individual level. As far as I see it, committing to 6-8 more seasons with the Rangers is all that's left for him to retire the number 30 jersey; everything else is a formality.

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I had some friends turn 21 in consecutive weekends recently and it made me consider which part of the year is the best to turn 21. I have a March birthday so I turned 21 pretty early. Which was nice. But 21st birthdays in the summer are pretty phenomenal. Majority of one's friends are already 21, so you can go out and celebrate with a lot of people, and it's summer so responsibilities are pretty limited. Everyone can go crazy. And then take cabs into Atlantic City and then get even crazier. I turned 21 in March, which was nice, but it came with having a few drinks and then going to sleep early because of an exam the next day. I think being underage a few more months in order to turn 21 during the summer is well worth it. For all those born in the September-December timeframe… I'm sorry. 

Great news for people like me who are in their 20s, and refuse to let go of their past; *NSYNC is coming back. They'll be reuniting for the VMAs this upcoming Sunday, meaning that I'll be watching the VMAs for the first time ever. In honor of this historic moment let us rank the members of *NSYNC.

5. Chris Kirkpatrick

Even the inherent quirkyness of the 90s doesn't excuse this haircut. A good measure of the importance of a member of a boyband is by evaluating what he's done independent of the group. Apart from *NSYNC all Chris has been famous for is appearing in a few episodes of Fairly Oddparents and getting curbstomped by Eminem in "Without Me." Chris is actually a pretty good singer but is the Dale Weise of *NSYNC; decent enough role player but easily replaceable.

4. Joey Fatone

If Kirkpatrick is Dale Weise than Joey Fatone is Brandon Prust. He's not flashy in any way. He's not the best singer of the group. He's not the best dancer of the group. He's not the one you're going to plaster on posters. But he's earned his due and is recognizeable to anyone paying attention. He seems like someone you want to be around.

3. Lance Bass

Probably the best dancer of the group. Lance is a certified cosmonaut. Seriously. He is literally a Space Cowboy. 

2. JC Chasez

It's a shame that JC's solo career never really took off because he is far and away the best singer of the group. JC and Timberlake had a very nice Paul/John thing going in that they were clearly competitive in trying to be "the" guy but nonetheless found a way to make it work. If every boyband were to engage in a 2-person round-robin tournament JC and JT would blow everyone out of the water. He's the Pippen to JT's Jordan.

1. Justin Timberlake

This is the essence of Justin Timberlake. He can down a bunch of tequila shots and sit there unfazed and casually play minigolf while Johnathan Ross is on the verge of puking. Everthing he does is smooth. He is in that elite class with Henrik Lundqvist of guys who are good at everything. He can sing. He can dance. He can beatbox. He dresses well. He can be just as successful as a solo artist. Or he seemlessly fit himself into Lonely Island and create genius just because he feels like it. As annoying as "Beliebers" and "Directioners" are right now I reconcile this by remembering that 50 years from now they'll be remembered as fads while Justin Timberlake will be remembered as one of the brilliant musicians of this era.

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