Lundqvist Has Stiff Neck After Being Run Over

Scary scene last night as Henrik Lundqvist lay on the ice after being run over by Chris Kunitz…

During a timeout after this incident, Lundqvist was seen receiving a neck massage from trainer Jim Ramsey…

Here's Lundqvist on how he felt after the game (via New York Post)…

“I feel pretty good, it’s just a stiff neck. I expect it to be pretty sore and stiff [Thursday]. I’m just happy it wasn’t worse than that. I didn’t see him coming at all and it was a big collision.”

For Lundqvist full post game comments, click here.

…i get that the play happened in overtime and taking an instigator penalty negates the power play, but who cares? That's your franchise goaltender getting steamrolled by a Pittsburgh Penguin and the only response is a light push by Girardi?!?!?!?! Jesus, you'd think he would have learned from the Gaborik debacle. With the way Girardi has been playing this season he needed to retaliate there to get the fans back on his side as he's pushing Del Zotto for the biggest hole on defense right now. I guess I shouldn't complain, at least the Rangers went over to Kunitz after the play, which was something they didn't even bother doing to Lucic or Stuart after their concussion inducing hits on Nash.

…saw a lot of debate on Twitter about whether Kunitz should have been penalized or not. Are you kidding me?!?!?! When you drive to the net the way he did (hope the Rangers were taking notes) and make contact with the goaltender, you're going to get called every time. It's his responsibility to somehow get out of the way.

…and don't even get me started on how incredulous the NBCSN crew were after Kunitz received the penalty. I've never seen a national broadcast team so incensed with a call and go so far out of their way to dismiss it. Bias much?

…good to hear Hank has nothing more than a sore neck. I know he's struggled a bit this season, while Talbot has thrived, but if the Rangers have any chance of turning this around they're going to need Lundqvist.

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